Online DBT Group Therapy

Practical support for everyday life

 The  DBT Adult Skills Group provides valuable, interactive learning to practice coping skills for difficult situations in life – when big emotions flare up or shut us down. DBT Skills help us deal with distress so we stay on track to meet our long-term goals.

“How would the DBT Adult Skills Course Help Me?”

This  12-Week Live Online Course will allow you to become more accepting of circumstances and changes, more balanced and effective in solving problems and  better tolerate painful situations in life and relationships.

“What skills will I learn in the group?”

Based on a syllabus adapted from Linehan’s Skills Workbook , we’ll explore the 4 Core Modules of DBT Skills:


Practice slowing down and observing nonjudgmentally what’s going on inside you + your environment.

Distress Tolerance

When things are bad, the last thing we need is to make them worse. Learn to cope with emotional pain.

Emotional Regulation

Master recognizing and working through intense emotions. We’ll develop strategies to emotionally regulate  from the moment a difficulty arises.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Learn to be self-aware in interpersonal situations by noticing and describing what you do in response to others and environmental stimuli.

How does the group work?

The 12-week DBT group is hosted via zoom for one 90-minute session per week. 

A typical class includes: 

  • Brief intro & reminder of group policies (Privacy/ confidentiality)
  • Mindfulness exercise
  • REview of new DBT skill, discussion, demonstration of skill, Q & A’s, Application of DBT skill
  • Review & discuss at-home assignment for following week (Clients practice skills between classes as a way to extend them into everyday life)

*Privacy and stable internet required

**Participants will be required to purchase a manual for individual study

What recent participants had to say:

“It was so helpful and eye-opening I believe everyone should take this course as a foundation in high school or college in a perfect world. Would recommend!

What recent participants had to say:

“None of these skills were modeled to me at a child. I learned about how important it is to find the specific skills that work for me.”

What recent participants had to say:

“Thank you so much! I found your sessions incredibly helpful, especially as someone who went through DBT over 10 years ago, I had forgotten how useful it truly is. THANK YOU!”

DBT Skills for Every Life Situation

These are the skills you never learned in school that will make a real difference in your day-to-day life. 

Cultivate Inner Calm With MINDFULNESS

Learn to neither attach or ignore your thoughts and opinions, but rather observe and describe them like a reporter.

We’ll practice ways to notice what is happening in us without over-or under-reacting, and stay curious to better ways of responding.


First, we identify emotions for what they are (anger, sadness, anxiety) and examine how they impact us in biological, psychological & social ways.

Then, we’ll problem-solve from an opened mind and willingly oppose destructive urges.

Know How to cope with DISTRESS TOLERANCE

Learn distress tolerance to cope with emotional pain and challenging situations that are a part of life (whether we want them to be or not).

We’ll use coping skills to soothe ourselves and restore balance & wisdom in the middle of turmoil so we can act effectively under the circumstances.


Together, we’ll explore observing what goes on inside ourselves, for others, and the environment – particularly as we try to get needs met & when those needs may be invalidated or thwarted. We’ll witness our behavior and its impact on others, and seek effective ways to achieve our relationship goals, like making requests, communicating needs clearly, and setting boundaries.

Join Us!

$85/session for   
12 sessions

total $1020, in 1-3 payments

*limited sliding scale spots available

Terms & Disclaimer

The Group is not therapy, nor do you need to have a diagnosis or be in individual or couples therapy to join the Group.

We will not be processing incidents nor dive deeply in personal complex issues in and out of the classroom. If you have therapeutic needs, we ask you continue with therapy throughout the group & request a Release of Information to coordinate care with your personal therapist, if deemed necessary.

Participants are financially responsible for each group session during the 12-week course, regardless of attendance. Some sliding scale
fees are available. Groups are limited to 8 to 10 people.

Please note this workshop is psycho-educational, designed to serve as teaching and guidance, and not a substitute for individual or couples therapy.
If you need assistance, contact me.

I provide prospective clients a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

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