I recently wrote a 2-part series for Bayview Therapy on the usefulness of principles of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Couples Therapy, incorporating some valued principles from The High Conflict Couple by Dr. Alan E. Fruzzetti.

Frankly, the principles are helpful for any relationship, and serve as daily reminders that there are better ways to be effective, to get along and to struggle less in our relationships. As a segue into the series, I also prepared a number of short videos that also summarized some of the DBT principles and tools I find helpful in my practice.

While Fruzzetti’s book focuses on those couples where conflicts run high and the heat is tough to bear. Not all couples find themselves in the same level of crisis. However, all of us know what it’s like to flip our lid and project negative emotion onto loved ones, only to regret it later.

As Fruzzetti’s work illustrates, we can thank our biology for our responses, and as we know from trauma healing, it behooves us to pay attention to what’s going on in the body, so we can regulate emotions and choose from a wise, calmer mind.

I am thankful to have DBT skills and tools to work with and provide to clients. I use the skills and get relief from them, and know I will probably be practicing them for years to come. They can certainly help as the holiday season starts to unfold. So enjoy the clips and articles, and let me know if you have any questions.

Hope they add value!

Articles published in October

Videos prepared earlier:
#1: https://bit.ly/3FFeJJK
#2: https://bit.ly/3iYytyh
#3: https://bit.ly/2X7vVGv
#4: https://bit.ly/3FG5Q2M





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