I’m sure you can agree: we’ve moved through a lot of different emotional states the last […]
Great work by the journaling participants at Saturday’s The Magic of Journaling workshop. We made it […]
When it comes to journaling, there are dozens of techniques I can rattle off the top […]
We left off last week discussing the 4 Modes of Journaling Tristine Rainer developed (catharsis, intuition, […]
At the Magic of Journaling Workshop coming to Ft. Lauderdale on December 4th, we will explore […]
When it comes to journaling, there really are no hard rules to follow. The point is […]
I’m excited to host The Magic of Journaling Workshop Saturday, 12/14 from 9 am to 12 […]
Journaling is an easy and effective self care tool that I’ve used for more than 15 […]
Friends and Colleagues, allow me to share with you an upcoming workshop close to my heart. […]

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