When it comes to journaling, there are dozens of techniques I can rattle off the top of my head (e.g., lists, character sketches, free form, dialogue with events/issues/society/self, clustering, stepping stones, springboards, negativity rewrites). Different theorists call them different things. I tend to focus on free form, dialogues, steppingstones and one not named — prayers. Each tool may fit a different mindset. For a quick release, try a list. When debating a difficult choice, try a dialogue. When reviewing life and things for which to be grateful, steppingstones do the trick.

I recently used the steppingstones exercise to look at what it took to get from being lawyer to student to practicing therapy. I also used steppingstones to look back over all the key bosses, clients and colleagues I’ve experienced in my career(s). I was left with gratitude, a few chuckles and important insights about how and where I perform best. A simple example of using a dialogue is also included. We’ll learn these techniques AND practice them at The Magic of Journaling workshop on 12/14/19 from 9 am to 12 pm. I hope you’ll join us. A link with more information is attached.



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