I’m excited to host The Magic of Journaling Workshop Saturday, 12/14 from 9 am to 12 pm at 2419 E. Commercial Boulevard, Suite 203, Ft. Lauderdale 33018. Many wise minds have practiced the art of journaling for centuries, and it makes sense why. Research suggests that journaling: 1) promotes the release of inhibitions and social constraints; 2) provides “psychic completion,” translating trauma symptoms into language, so difficult memories are put behind us; 3) improves grades, performance and decision-making; and 4) reduces the effects of chronic physical and mental health conditions. Below we have excerpts from Darwin, Einstein, Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie and (for comic relief), deceased comedian Gary Handling. Notice the difference and freedom in their styles and approach. Whose do you like most?
Join us as we experience “wise mind” and learn journal practices you can implement now, for growth in 2020.


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