When I first started in law, I went to therapy at the insistence of a close friend– an attorney and jogging partner. As we ran, she would hear me complain about billable hours, making mistakes, and how I didn’t feel I measured up. In addition, my parents went through an unexpected divorce. To make it worse, Hurricane Andrew hit our town, leaving my apartment and car destroyed.

I was a young professional stuck in unwanted circumstances. But the experience of being heard, understood and guided by my therapist made all the difference.

And so I went, and stayed for some time. We worked through topics like authority and autonomy, individuation and belonging. I returned to therapy to address relationships and to explore readiness for marriage. Years later, while journaling, I thought about practicing law in my late sixties; twenty-five years in, I didn’t see doing what I was doing as I was doing it anymore. At mid-life, I was ready for a new adventure. My final work in therapy explored transition into a new career and the emotional experience of letting go of an identity.

Each of us will meet emotional challenges in different ways, but early intervention makes the difference. We will work it out, day by day, with different practices, structures and support.



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